National Heritage Fellowship Award

Appalachian musician Ballad singer Mary Jane Queen of the Caney Fork Community in Jackson County, NC has been awarded the prestigious National Heritage Fellowship 2007, the nations highest honor in folk and traditional arts. Mary Jane a local celebrity who grew up in a musical family, married into a musical family, and raised a musical family of eight children, Mary Jane Queen has also received the Mountain Heritage Award, the NC Folk Heritage Award, and the Brown-Hudson Folklore Award. Only twelve people per year travel to Washington to "receive their award in a public ceremony and perform in a concert celebrating our nation of nations during late September." The award will be accepted by her children who make up the Queen Family Band because Mary Jane died shortly after the announcement of the award on June 29, 2007. The Queen family is committed to preserving their musical traditions. The nomination process for this award begins with "ordinary citizens who put forward local folk and traditional artists that they feel are deserving of national recognition and who embody artistic excellence, authenticity, and significance within their tradition."
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The Queen Family CD - Appalachian Porch Music

Queen Family - Back Porch Music CD

Old time Music Songs CD Southern Appalachia
North Carolina Mountains

1. Shady Grove - old time bluegrass
2. Another Sweetheart - appalachian ballad singing
3. Booth Shot Lincoln - mountain guitar song
4. Arkansas Traveler - fiddle and guitar
5. Billy Boy - folk round
6. Molly & Tenbrooks - vocals, bluegrass
7. Cajun Fiddle - fiddle song accompanied by guitar
8. I Don’t Love Nobody... guitar duet / flatpicking
9. Cripple Creek - three finger banjo acoustic guitar
10. Vincent Young - A-cappella folk singing
11. Sally Good'n - mountain fiddle and guitar music
12. Henry's Blues - acoustic guitar
13. Greenback Dollar - family singing with music
14. Rich Mountain Stomp - appalachian fiddle
15. When I Wake... - family gospel song
16. Wildwood Flower - guitars
17. Little Black Mustache - humorous folksong
18. Poor Ellen Smith - north carolina ballad
19. Sugarfoot Rag - flatpicking guitars 
20, I'll Have A New Life - southern gospel
21. Mexican Polka - guitar pickin'
22. Liza Jane - A-cappella mountain folk singing
23. Old Ruben - clawhammer banjo / fiddle tune 
24. Saw Creek - dueling guitars
25. Shortnin' Bread - mountain banjo / fiddle
26. A Music Man - original folk song
27. Will the Circle... - family singing / music

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Boil the Cabbage Down - Traditional Song Lyrics

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This old folk song is a favorite among mountain musicians here in the southern Appalachians. There are many variations to the words as well as the tune which is very popular for square dances, frolics and back porch pickin' sessions. This old version is from singing of the Queen and Prince families of Western North Carolina. A tune from the CD Mary Jane Queen Songs I Like.

Boil the cabbage down, stir'em round and round
Come on girls, now dont be slow
But, Boil them cabbage down.

Raccoon on the rail fence, waitin for the sun
Long eared hounds coming down the road
Old racoon better run.

Boil them cabbage down, stir'em up and down
Hurry up liza, now dont be slow
Said, boil them cabbage down.

She cut across the broom sage field, I come down the lane
Run my finger through the crack of the fence
Up jumped liza jane.

Boil the cabbage down, stir'em round and round
Get up gals, and dont be slow
Said, bile them cabbage down.