Mountain Folk - Song Lyrics

Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina there was a lions share of old time traditional music within my family, both the Queens and Princes are very gifted when it comes to music making. I learned a lot of the mountain music and songs I perform directly from my family. This is a photograph of my Grandpa James S. Prince born in th mountains of Western North Carolina in 1876 and started playing banjo, fiddle and collecting music and folk songs at a very early age. Grandpa inspired a lot of my music and these lyrics I composed out of those memories. Original song from Henry Queen Highest Quality Music CD.

Grandpa - Mountain Folk Song Lyrics

A straight back hardwood chair, sits there on the front porch
Been there through the sunshine, through the rains and wind
Keeps ever close to me, sweet memories of Grandpa
An old time music maker, yes a true mountain man.

A thirty acre farm, way back in the Smoky Mountains
Scotch-Irish blood running through him, a skin weathered and brown
With a clawhammer banjo, and sweet mountain fiddle
He could make the people dance and sing for miles and miles around.

Grandpa sang the blues of the working man, ballads of the mountains
Songs of religion in that old time mountain way
Some of the songs Grandpa sang for pleasure
And some of the songs, he lived by everyday.

When the family all could gather there at Grandpa's house in the evenings
There was picking and singing in a good time mountain way
Although Grandpa's gone his music is deep within me
And he sings in my memory like only yesterday.


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  7. You're very lucky to have had such musical inspiration right in your own home in the person of your grandfather.

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