Life-Music Southern Appalachia-DVD

The mountains of Appalachia are home to a folk music tradition that traces its roots to England, Scotland, and Ireland. Picking up the African banjo and other influences in its evolution, this tradition gave rise to gospel, bluegrass and country music.

The recipients of the North Carolina Folk Heritage Award, the Brown-Hudson Folklore Award, and many other honors, the Queen Family of Western North Carolina have come to represent Southern Appalachian heritage and a way of life.

The Queen Family-Appalachian Tradition & Back Porch Music. 32 min
Mary Jane Queen-Appalachian Ballads & Songs. 12 min
The Queen Family-Plays Mountain Music. 26 min

Produced and Directed by Neal Hutcheson.
A DVD/Video production of The North Carolina Language and Life Project at NC State University, supported by NC State Humanities Extension.

"I Don't Love Nobody" by The Queen Family. From their album, "Back Porch Music" which was re-issued in 2008. Personnel: Featuring Mary Jane Queen, Henry Queen, Mark Queen, Jeanette Queen Shrock, Kathy Hayes Queen, J.R. Queen, Delbert Queen, and many others. 

Boil the Cabbage Down - Traditional Song Lyrics

The Old Plantation (anonymous folk painting). ...Image viaWikipedia
This old folk song is a favorite among mountain musicians here in the southern Appalachians. There are many variations to the words as well as the tune which is very popular for square dances, frolics and back porch pickin' sessions. This old version is from singing of the Queen and Prince families of Western North Carolina. A tune from the CD Mary Jane Queen Songs I Like.

Boil the cabbage down, stir'em round and round
Come on girls, now dont be slow
But, Boil them cabbage down.

Raccoon on the rail fence, waitin for the sun
Long eared hounds coming down the road
Old racoon better run.

Boil them cabbage down, stir'em up and down
Hurry up liza, now dont be slow
Said, boil them cabbage down.

She cut across the broom sage field, I come down the lane
Run my finger through the crack of the fence
Up jumped liza jane.

Boil the cabbage down, stir'em round and round
Get up gals, and dont be slow
Said, bile them cabbage down.