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"Wild Bill Jones" 

While out a walkin' on a Saturday night
I walked up on Wild Bill Jones
He was a walkin' and a talkin' with my true lover there
I bid him for to leave her alone

He says my age is past twenty one
To old for you to control
When he reached for a knife and I pulled out my gun
Destroyed that poor boy's soul

He staggered and stumbled and fell to the ground
Gave out one dying moan
I threw my arms round my true lover there
Saying darlin' its time we be ridin' along

We rode that ole train while she whistled all the night
Rode her while she whistled for the day
Pulling hills and curves straining every nerve
Carring me and my sweet darlin' on far away

While out a walkin' on a saturday nite
I walked up on "Wild Bill Jones"

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