Sally Goodin - Traditional Song Lyrics

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Public Domain Traditional Song Lyrics.

These words for the Sally Goodin' song comes from the Queen and Prince families, Western North Carolina. Generations of mountain musicians, singers and keepers of traditional ballads and folk music of the southern Appalachian region.


Love her, love Sally Goodin'
Love her, sweet thing Sally Goodin'

A big piece of pie, a big piece of puddin'
Give it all away, to hug Sally Goodin'

Looked on the hill, seen Sally runnin'
Yes my my, sweet thing Sally comin'

Up and down the road , the road all muddy
To hug Sally Goodin, till she can't stand steady

Upon the hillside, hewin' on a log
Frogs in the millpond, barking like a dog

Before you hear that rooster crow
Sprinkle little meal before her door
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